About Us


Grand Care Rehab claimed to be the first rehab centre in town that consists of both Western and Eastern treatment which is physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Why choose us?

  • GCR team includes PHD holder and Master holder of Professional Traditional Chinese Medicine/ Acupuncturists certified from Bejing, TianJing, Guangzhou (China), and Bachelor holder of Physiotherapists certified from Northumbria and Anglia Ruskin (United Kingdom).
  • We have certified ISST SCHROTH METHOD THERAPIST- known as world famous scoliosis treatment method.
  • We effectively combine the best of both medical practices for Pain Relief, innovation of “Acuphysio”

Who choose us? Those who,

  • Suffering from musculoskeletal problems: soft tissue injuries, spine radiculopathy, prolapsed disc, stroke, parkinson and etc.
  • Suffering from pain, numbness, tightness, weakness.
  • Not recover from illness after trying variety of treatment methods
  • Suffering from joint deformity, scoliosis
  • Interested in trying combination of eastern and western treatment

GCR Logo:

The picture of a butterfly was the intention of the butterfly effect.

Butterfly effect: The phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.

Just like the human body, we believed that some minor changes or slight alterations either in lifestyle, habits, surroundings or even emotion, may cause a lot of problems, pains or discomforts (fall sick easily) which affect the recovery period.

The boarder of the logo is BLACK colour which represents our way and attitude in handling things and always remind us to be more cautious and comprehensive when interacting with customers, treating customer, giving diagnosis and treatments.

There is a HEART shape in the middle of logo which represents that we should always be Happy, Love, Care, Attentive, Focus, Humbly, Empathy, Insight, Creative. The Heart shape were Red in colour which represents that we should be passionate and work hard on our career and field.

The logo is a butterfly with 4 wings and 3 tentacles.

Butterfly represents beauty and each of wing to different department:

1st wing   : Treatment Department

From the 1st wing, there is 2 heart shape one which one (black) is in another (red). This represents that we always pay attention and passion on treatment given at the same time care about customer’s physical and psychologically.

2nd wing  : Traditional Chinese Medicine Department

It is a wing with a Yin-Yang diagram on the middle which represents the most supreme guide (Yin-Yang) in TCM. While we are taking pulse, giving diagnosis, prescribing prescription, and preparing the medicine, we always keep our mind and heart balance just like the Yin-yang.

3rd wing   : Yibeeyaya department (Kids department)

The smallest and cutest wing among four which represent our cute and adorable department—Yibeeyaya! Even though the 3rd wing is the smallest in size, it cannot be neglected as it is an important component in forming the logo. Just like the children, even they are still small and young, we shouldn’t neglect their health care.

4th wing   : Empty wing

The wing was leave empty on purpose to represent that the company hopes to development more health care department which targeted on either female or male, kid or elderly to form the most omnidirectional health care center.

3 Tentacles represents that we are focusing on 3 people:

1st Group-Our customer: We care about our customer health status and psychological health status.

2nd Group-Our partner: We care about the relationship between partners and staff to produce a happy and harmony working surrounding for our partners and staffs.

3rd Group- The Public: We focus on the relationship with the public and pay attention on their health status. We hope that the public can obtain the health body, heart and even soul. We provide health care talks or seminar for public from time to time to increase the public’s awareness on health.

Our brand story:

The logo is taken from the shape of a butterfly and comes from an unexpected true story.

One day, under the drizzle in the evening, the clinic was about to rest. Suddenly, a tall woman wore orange casual shoes was hurried in and she is Emily. She was complaining sudden pain on back of the head for several days. She was worried about whether she had a brain related problems and went for MRI/CT scan but findings was normal, only pain killer was prescribed.

Dr. Jeals apply acupuncture and arranged physical therapy for her, and yet she claimed slight improvement after 50 minutes of treatment. When they met again two days later, Emily said that headaches still happened frequently, and long hours walking (Shopping) increase the discomfort. Dr. Jeals decided to reassess her condition, by looking at her orange shoes and asking if she was walking with the shoes since then. She replied: “Of course, new shoes, I like it very much but I don’t know if the shoes are still very new, they are a little uncomfortable to wear, and my calves muscle are sore and get cramp easily.”

This gave a good hint for him. Sure enough, the new shoes might not fit Emily’s feet, causing the muscles of the lower limbs to become imbalanced, stiff and tight. Re-assessing her lower limb and these muscles affect the upper part of body. Without further ado, Dr. Jeals started the treatment, in addition to the head muscles, and also requested Emily to change shoes. She was revisited 2 days later and said that the headache disappeared immediately after the previous treatment and changing shoes.

This story tell us the importance of assessment and physical condition is related to daily activity and lifestyle.

This allows us to diagnose each patient more comprehensively and provide effective treatment plan.

This real case reminds us of the butterfly effect, so we decided to use the butterfly as the company’s logo.


城中首家中西醫结合疼痛管理&康复院(物理治療+中醫針灸),提供中西醫创新结合疗法,更精准、有效地减轻疼痛、纠正脊柱侧弯, 改善中风后康复。




*本中心独有的治疗技术: Acuphysio,是物理治疗结合针灸,中西医结合的精准疗法。我们相信,Accuphysio这项中西医结合治疗方法能更好、更有效地帮助解决疼痛及改善中风后康复。