We were introduced to Lily (Acupuncturist cum Physiotherapist) in May 2017 to treat my mom who is a victim of a massive stroke (cerebral infarct) and with a major surgery done. My mom was bed ridden when she came home as she has been put in bed for four months in the hospital.

Lily has been very accommodating to my schedule as I was working and caring for my mom at the same time. She patiently treated my mom gently, one step at a time to improve her strength and mobility. She is always concerned about my mom’s medical results after each check-up.  In a short time, my mom was able to walk without assistant. As my mom’s swallowing and speech function was affected by the stroke, Lily also used all sorts of treatments methods to help her with it. I really salute Lily’s patience in treating my mom as not only Lily is treating her physically but mentally as well. Lily’s positivity helps my mom as she easily becomes depressed, she gives her a sense of hope. This is not only towards my mom but to me as well as the caretaker. She understands my frustrations and always ensures me to leave my mom in her good hands. This gives me a sense of relieve.  She not only manages to treat her patients but she is able to treat their care takers heart as well. Her kindness is really appreciated. This is the reason my mom is still under Lily’s treatment till today and now the whole family seeks Lily’s treatment for all our aches and pains. I will not hesitate to tell my friends and everybody about Lily.

Lily’s Acuphysio treatment has made me believe that traditional treatment works well when combined with western treatments. She brought fusion in her treatments. I would call her the millennial Sinseh!

I feel that Lily should be awarded for her hard work, patience, integrity and all the love she has for what she does. There is no doubt about this as she tirelessly improves herself to improve the life of her patients.

Michelle Cheam, patient’s family

Miss Lily of Grand Care Rehabilitation is a professional who exudes confidence and a caring personality. When I first met her for consultation, she explained to me what needs to be done, how she would address the problem I was going through and what my options were. What I like about her is that she did not impose on me (and my siblings) the type of treatments that I should take to treat the problem that I was going through. On the contrary, she entertained every question and provided additional information that helped me decide the treatment and the package that best suited me, without any hidden costs. As our sessions progressed, I observed that Miss Lily takes her clients’ development seriously, providing advice on the exercises that I should follow through at home and at my own pace.

Radziah binti Abdul Rahim